Okay so I was late again for work.  I think I’m slacking because I don’t have to get my kids up and out.  Come Monday when they’re back to school I will be early for work.  No matter who or what GMA is talking about I will be out the door and on time.  I would say mark my words but I’m not going to say that.  On GMA this morning they had on a man who lost up to 300 plus pounds.  It was an amazing transformation.  He looked like a different person.  Obviously.  The woman with the microphone informed him that he lost the weight of what is an entire first grade class.  Um, I don’t know how that was supposed to make the man feel other than sick to his stomach?  I mean really?  Thanks for the uncomfortable comparison GMA.  What is he supposed to say to that?!  It made me feel like a first grader because my goal is to lose a solid seven pounds.  Not ten, I don’t have to go ten, I will be sufficiently satisfied with seven.  The girls are getting together tonight to do inspiration boards.  One of my inspirations is weight loss and muscle tone like the whole rest of the world around this time of year.  Exactly how many cookies did I eat over Christmas?  I wish I would have counted them.  I’m guessing at least two dozen.  At least.  Every time I turned around, every home I went into there were more and more homemade cookies!  Including my own.  Some of the homemade cookies are small though so do those count as a whole cookie’s worth?  Probably yes.  In light of trying or wanting to lose seven pounds, I thought I could eat a high protein breakfast, skip lunch and eat a small dinner.  Lunch is nothing but a hassle anyway and most of the time I just eat it to pass the time at work during my lunch hour.  Technically, yes I’m a little hungry for lunch but I know I could do without.  So anyway, upon arriving late to work I “clock” in on my computer and I head to the Protein Bar.  I order a smoothie with a “free” multi-vitamin boost.  The smoothie I order is called a Froot-Looped.  You have some choices to make even after you decide which smoothie you want.  Would you like whey, soy or egg protein with that?  Uh, whey I guess?  Would you like 2% milk, soy milk or almond milk?  Uh, 2%.  Free boost?  I went with the multi-vitamin one but there are others.  The froot-looped has blueberries in it and apparently it also has a blend of purple crayon because the drink they put on the counter was seriously PURPLE.  Like Harold and the Purple Crayon Purple.  Barney Purple.  Like a whole class room of first graders would love to drink this kind of purple.  They should have given them out on GMA today!  Fast forward one hour and guess who looks like they drank red wine before arriving late at work this morning?  That would be me.  Not only that but there are blueberry seeds stuck in every tooth in my head.  I look like a drunk meth head.  Good thing I keep a toothbrush at my desk/cube!  What in the world?  I’ll have to pick a different non-color protein packed breakfast smoothie.  Sigh.  What else am I putting on my inspiration board?  Being on time.  Losing seven pounds.  Squaring away debt.  Re-doing upstairs bedroom.  That’s all I have so far.  Maybe go somewhere different.  Take kids somewhere different.  I don’t know.  Can I put find soul mate?  Or Prince Charming?  That is pathetic and weird.  It’s the same as hoping to meet someone I guess . . . whoever they may be.  But is that really an inspiration or just a want/desire.  I need to think boldly.  Most of these are on everyone’s board.  What should be on MINE?  Run a marathon!  Run a half marathon?  Become a eucharistic minister and deliver communion to the sick?  Really?  Take singing lessons!  Yes I would love that.  Take up yoga.  I’ve always wanted to but never did.  That’s something I would love to do.  OR alternatively I could become an expert on all things purple.  Hmmmmmmmmm.  I will try again on Monday to do what I didn’t do this morning.